Soccer Gift Voucher

Date: 1/21/2010


Points: 2000


This is a booklet containing 10 vouchers with a total value of  LE 250 for using to reserve soccer fields at E-Zee Sport Club. Only one voucher can be used per time. Reservations are based on availability.  
Playstation 2 Games testing

Date: 2/4/2010


Points: 4000


Get any 5 Playstation 2 games of your choice coutesy of Game Valley. testing testing testing.  
Kingstone USB 2.0 Data Traveler 4GB

Date: 1/21/2010


Points: 5000


Enjoy the high storage capacity and reliability of the new Kingstone USB 2.0 Data Traveler 4GB.  
Mikasa Soccer Ball

Date: 1/21/2010


Points: 6000


Mikasa La Estrella Soccer Ball. Choose from 3 attractive colors and designs.




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